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Installation skills and precautions of reducer coupling


When the reducer is installed, it is necessary to install a coupling. The installation of the coupling is very important. If the coupling is not installed properly, it will cause problems such as the broken shaft of the reducer and bring unnecessary trouble to the user. How to install the coupling of the reducer? What should I pay attention to when installing? Here is an introduction for everyone: If the user purchases the coupling by himself, please pay special attention to the following dynamic/static balance requirements for the coupling, otherwise the coupling will generate additional radial force and axial force on the reducer shaft and bearing Accidental damage to the reducer: When the peripheral speed of the outer diameter of the coupling is 30m/s and below, it must be statically balanced. When the peripheral speed of the outer diameter of the coupling exceeds 30m/s, it must be dynamically balanced. If the shaft unit needs to be pre-heated during installation, it is recommended to use oil bath heating or heating furnace heating to make the heating uniform and prevent deformation. In order to protect the shaft seal, the heating temperature should be controlled when heating the coupling to prevent overheating and avoid oil seals. In an environment above +100°C, use a heat shield to reduce heat radiation, otherwise it will affect the service life of the oil seal. When installing the coupling, you should use appropriate installation tools. If the gears, bearings and locking ring are damaged, the coupling should be installed, and enough air inlet space should be reserved for the fan. If the installation space is not enough, please use other cooling methods.