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Coupling With Dimpled Stop C*C Welding Quality Inspection and Pipeline Flushing


Coupling With Dimpled Stop C*C welding quality inspection and pipeline flushing
The red copper pipe cannot move the weldment or subject it to vibration before the weld is completely solidified. For water-cooled weldments, water should be prevented from entering the inside of the copper pipe, and the residual moisture on the surface of the copper pipe should still be prevented from flowing into the pipe when the weldment is placed.
Brazing quality and inspection: The surface of the welding seam is smooth, the fillet is even and full, and the arc transition is natural. The brazed joint has no defects such as overburning, welding plugging, cracking, rough welding seam surface, and burning through. The weld has no defects such as porosity, slag inclusion, under-welding, virtual welding, welding bead and other defects.
After installation, the refrigerant piping must be flushed with nitrogen to remove dust and moisture mixed in during the installation process and keep the refrigerant piping dry and clean.
The cleaning operation method is as follows:
The connection of the cleaning device uses a nitrogen cleaning method: first install a pressure reducing valve on the nitrogen cylinder, and use a pressure hose to connect the pressure reducing valve to the meter-type splitter. Two other pressure-resistant hoses are used, one is connected to the liquid side piping of the outdoor unit and the meter-type diverter; the other is connected to the air side piping of the outdoor unit on one side, and the other side is empty. During the cleaning operation, hold the empty hose by hand, open the main valve of the nitrogen cylinder, and when the nitrogen pressure after decompression rises to 0.5 MPa, quickly loosen the gripped nozzle to make the nitrogen spray out of the nozzle , The dirt and moisture in the pipe will also be sprayed out, repeating this 2-3 times, the dirt and moisture in the pipe can be removed. Tie clean white gauze to the nozzle to observe whether there is dirt and water stains removed.

Coupling With Dimpled Stop C*C