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Oil, Anti-wear and Extreme Pressure Properties of Female Adapter Lubricants

Oil, anti-wear and extreme pressure properties of Female Adapter lubricants
1. Ensure that the lubricant for copper tee fittings has good anti-friction and lubricating properties, which are mainly reflected in the oiliness, wear resistance and extreme pressure of the lubricant. These three are both related and different. These three indexes of lubricant are also a performance index reflecting the strength of lubricant oil film. In the plastic forming process of metal materials, the oiliness and wear resistance of lubricants can form a thin film on the friction surface of deformed metal materials under light load and medium load conditions, that is, under fluid lubrication or mixed lubrication conditions. Under the action of the load, it can be kept from cracking and firmly adsorbed on the surface of the gold fart material, thereby achieving the ability to reduce friction and prevent wear. Additives that improve this ability of lubricants are called anti-wear additives. Extreme pressure is the ability of a lubricant to chemically react with metal materials under high temperature and high pressure to form a chemically reactive film.
2. In order to improve the oiliness of lubricants, some additives used in lubricants are called oiliness agents, sometimes also called friction reducers or friction modifiers. Some surface active substances are used as oily agents, such as animal and vegetable oils, fatty acids, esters, amines and so on. Under boundary lubrication conditions, the ability to prevent scratches and sintering of the friction surface. The Tinajia used at this time is called an extreme pressure additive. Extreme pressure agents are mostly active substances containing sulfur, phosphorus, chlorine, etc., which can chemically react with metals on the friction surface to generate compounds with lower shear stress and melting point than the original metal, forming an extreme pressure solid lubricating film to prevent metal Material sintering.
3. Such polar substances added to the lubricant can form a relatively strong polar physical adsorption film on the metal surface of the friction part, thereby improving the adsorption strength of the lubricant oil film, and playing the role of high load resistance and friction and wear resistance. . The extreme pressure performance of a lubricant refers to the performance of a lubricant that can form a metal chemical film with metal materials under certain conditions. Extreme pressure refers to the polar substance of the lubricant on the friction part of the metal surface. When it is rubbed under high temperature and high load, it will produce limited corrosion to the surface of the metal material, chemically decompose, and tribochemically interact with the surface metal. It reacts to form a soft extreme pressure film with a low melting point, which plays a role of impact resistance, high load resistance and high temperature lubrication. When the lubricant film is subjected to impact load or high temperature and high load, the oil film may rupture and a non-oil film lubrication state appears. At this time, the extreme pressure of the lubricant plays a decisive role.

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