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The Main Points of Air-conditioning Refrigeration Connecting Red Copper Fittings


The main points of air-conditioning refrigeration connecting red copper fittings

Air-conditioning and refrigeration pipe fittings are pressed or drawn seamless pipes with light weight, good thermal conductivity, and high low-temperature strength. They are often used to manufacture heat exchange equipment such as condensers, and are also used to assemble low-temperature pipelines in oxygen production equipment. Copper pipes with small diameters are often used to transport liquids such as pressured lubrication systems and oil pressure systems or as pressure measuring tubes for instruments.

The air-conditioning connecting pipe is light and economical: For twisted threaded pipes with the same inner diameter, the copper pipe does not require the thickness of ferrous metal, and the copper pipe occupies a small space during installation. Because the copper pipe is easy to process and connect, it can save material and total cost during installation.

The air conditioner connecting pipe has a hard texture: it is not easy to corrode, and is resistant to high temperature and high pressure, and can be used in a variety of environments. In contrast, the shortcomings of other pipes are obvious. For example, the galvanized steel pipes used in residential buildings are very easy to rust. If they are not used for a long time, the tap water will turn yellow and the water flow will become small. The melting point of copper is high, and the temperature of the hot water system is negligible for copper pipes.

Generally, the copper pipes of air conditioners are relatively thin. If you use too much force, it is easy to cause damage, and you should also pay attention not to face the copper pipe for a long time when welding, because the copper pipe is relatively thin, and it will be damaged in a short time. After melting, the copper pipe needs to be cooled with cold water after welding, so that there will be no oxidation problems. The inside of the copper pipe is protected by nitrogen, so there will be no oxidation. Do not use force to break the welding place. Prone to cracks.

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